Founded by co-stars and longtime friends Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, Brother’s Bond Bourbon introduces two new expressions, Brother’s Bond American Blended Rye and Brother’s Bond Cask Strength, to their award-winning portfolio. Launched in 2021 with its flagship offering, Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the brand has become one of the fastest-growing ultra-premium spirit brands, with over 100,00 cases shipped across the U.S.

Distilled and aged in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, these high-quality whiskeys have received critical acclaim from top international spirit competitions. Brother’s Bond American Blended Rye Whiskey (47.5% ABV / SRP $59.99) and Brother’s Bond Cask Strength Bourbon (57.5% ABV / SRP $84.99) are now available online and in retailers nationwide.

Newcomer Brother’s Bond Bourbon American Blended Rye Whiskey has a distinctive full-flavored profile using a four-grain mash bill, creating a well-integrated and complex rye whiskey with an extra-long finish at 95-proof.

Brother’s Bond Bourbon Original Cask Strength offers whiskey connoisseurs a higher ABV. This release at 115.1 proof has a richer and more complex taste experience. Batch-barrel blended from three hand-selected bourbon mash bills from 70 of the finest barrels.

“We’ve been dedicated to the growth of Brother’s Bond Bourbon since its inception, and the new release of our Cask Strength and launch of our Rye Whiskey is proof that we’ve established our place in the industry and can compete with top distillers,” said Co-Founder Paul Wesley.

Co-Founder Ian Somerhalder added, “We’ve put a great deal of passion and hard work into expanding our portfolio, so we hope anyone having our whiskey loves the new Rye and Cask Strength as much as we do.” He continued, “As we were hand selecting the three unique mash bills, we wanted to push the limits with more robust and dynamic flavors and match the richness of our Original Cask Strength bourbon. We also knew that we had to create a rye like no other that will continue to develop consumer palates as they dive deeper into the whiskey world.”

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