Ancient Greeks dubbed mead the “nectar of the Gods.” It is a fermented combination of honey, water, fruits, and spices. Rarely aged in oak barrels makes finding a used barrel difficult. After a year of searching, Austin, TX-based Meridian Hive had one. A gem of a barrel, French oak that aged, fermented orange blossom honey and red wine grapes. Perfect for Ranger Creek’s bourbon and our second Tejas Collaboration. Bourbon finished in a mead barrel!

The bourbon spent a year and a half in new oak barrels before aging twelve more months in the mead barrel. Producing light honey and brown sugar characteristics balanced with cherry and sour apple.

Our second Tejas Collaboration with Ranger Creek totaled 288 – 750ml bottles. Available only through Ranger Creek’s tasting room starting on September 24th. The bottles retail for $65.

Tejas Collaboration Series
Tejas, the Spanish spelling of the ancient Caddo word for “friend” or “ally,” is a collaboration between the festival and various Texas distillers to create unique offerings that showcase their methods and character. Each bottling will be a limited release available only through the respective distiller.

Tejas came to embody the character of the weathered and resilient settlers who saw the wide-open west as their destiny. This series pays homage to their intrepid resolve by bringing together our favorite Texas distilleries in a spirit of friendship that exemplifies the pride we take in proclaiming, “We are Tejas!”

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