Bardstown Bourbon Company continues to showcase the best in American Whiskey blending with the upcoming releases of Discovery #8 and Discovery #9.

The Discovery Series was designed to showcase the art of blending with an emphasis on old and rare whiskies sourced from a variety of origins. The latest release in the series, Discovery #8, features a unique blend of Kentucky Bourbons, two Indiana ryes, and aged Canadian whiskey. It represents the most Rye forward expression of any Discovery release to date and then takes innovation a step further by maturing the final batch with a custom selection of oak staves. Each oak stave was selected for its unique flavor profile ranging from French toast to Rioja barrels.

“We built this series to explore all of the ways you can take whiskey in new directions through thoughtful blending that pushes the boundaries of what’s been done before,” said Dan Callaway, VP of Product Development and Hospitality. “Layering flavor and nuance, these limited releases continue to be truly singular in nature.”

Discovery #8 marks the most complex release to date. Maple, dark chocolate, baked cherry, and toasted oak create a captivating, complex aroma. The palate presents rye spice with luscious oak undertones that lead to a luxurious, long-lasting finish. Discovery Series #8 is presented at 114.1 proof and will be available at the distillery and distributed in 20 markets across the country beginning July 13, 2022.

Discovery Series #9 takes the spirit of discovery further by uncovering rare barrels of craft Georgia bourbon with a unique, elegant flavor. The blend is structured around this distinctive profile, adding classic Kentucky bourbon, 17-yr. Tennessee Whiskey, and a touch of sweetness from Canadian Whiskey. It is a combination of tradition and forward-thinking, large-scale and craft. The elements fold into one another remarkably, creating a robust, vibrant, one-of-a-kind pour.

On the nose, Discovery #9 opens with a decadent bouquet of cocoa nib, plum, and cedar box, highlighted by lively orange peel. Vanilla cream with cinnamon spice takes the lead on the palate, building to an indulgent, sublime finish.

Discovery #9 release is slated for a September release both at the distillery and at retail. It is presented at 112.5 proof.

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