Baker’s Bourbon, an ultra-premium single-barrel bourbon, is proud to unveil an original collection of five distinctive art pieces as unique as the brand and its namesake. Titled, “Made Different,” the collection of hand-sculpted metal artwork was created by acclaimed metal sculptor, Barbie The Welder, who found inspiration in the individualistic spirit that she shares with former Beam family distiller Baker Beam and the single barrel bourbon named after him.

As a single-barrel bourbon, no two barrels of Baker’s Bourbon are the same. Within each bottle is a bold bourbon made of distinct nuances that deliver a unique experience. Similarly, art thrives on individuality, is derived from experience, and no two pieces are the same. Crafted from repurposed metal, each elaborate, sculpted art piece in the “Made Different” collection brings to life the legacy and craftsmanship behind the Baker’s Bourbon, celebrating the small details and nuances that make a masterpiece, a masterpiece.

The collection includes:

  • ‘Rebel With a Cause’ – Inspired by Baker Beam’s life and one-of-a-kind, rebellious spirit, this sculpture replicates our namesake’s iconic leather jacket.
  • ‘Time’s Sweet Promise’ – Paying homage to the benefits of time in crafting bourbon, this piece celebrates the distinction between good and great as we wait patiently for the perfect moment to transition our bourbon from barrel to bottle.
  • ‘The Distinguished Single’ – In both bourbon and art, creating a masterpiece is derived in the details. This unique hand-sculpted piece honors the nuances that make each barrel of Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon unique and noteworthy.
  • ‘Kentucky Love’ – A love letter to the origin of Baker’s Bourbon, this piece honors Baker Beam’s home and the love that he and the entire Beam family of distillers have for Kentucky with a sculpture featuring the limestone water, Kentucky woods and, of course, a bourbon rackhouse.
  • ‘The Craftsman’s Legacy’ – A tribute to the craftsmanship of generations of Beam master distillers, this piece honors those who have contributed countless hours to perfecting their skills and share a profound passion for bourbon.

When creating the collection, Barbie The Welder explored another art form important to herself and the Baker’s brand: storytelling. To capture the story of Baker’s Bourbon, she connected with the Beam family’s seventh and eighth-generation Master Distillers Fred and Freddie Noe, absorbing their stories about bold bourbon and Jim Beam’s motorcycle-riding, maverick grandnephew, Baker Beam. She was then able to bring both facets to life through her own vision and creativity, creating elaborate, tangible pieces of art made from repurposed metal that celebrate the originality of both bourbon and art.

“I’m incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to work with Baker’s Bourbon to create this unique art collection which resonated with me and inspired me personally,” said Barbie Parsons, professionally known as Barbie The Welder. “With this collection, I wanted to make sure that I demonstrated my commitment to creating high-quality, detailed pieces just like the craftsmen and craftswomen at the James B. Beam Distilling Co. do with Baker’s Bourbon. It’s truly amazing how both bourbon and art can bring people together.”

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to breathe life into the narrative of Baker’s Bourbon and the remarkable journey of Baker Beam through art as exquisite and refined as our bourbon itself,” said Seventh Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe. “I could tell right away that Barbie was the perfect partner to bring this treasured brand to life. Her meticulously handcrafted sculptures stand as one-of-a-kind masterpieces and will offer a fresh perspective that truly celebrates the intricacies of our bourbon like never before.”

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