Missouri’s super-premium whiskey offerings will grow when award-winning 15 STARS whiskey hits shelves in mid-May. The super-premium whiskey brand, which pays homage to Kentucky, the 15th state, has received top honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards, the International Wine & Spirits Competition, and the ASCOT Awards. 

“The high-end bourbon category continues to grow, and we’ve got a wonderful stock of fine-aged Kentucky whiskey that we’re excited to share with the twenty-fourth state in the Union—Missouri,” said 15 STARS founder Rick Johnson. 

15 STARS, known for its limited releases, will roll out its 7&15 YO Private Stock, a blend of Kentucky straight bourbons aged 7 and 15 years, and its Triple Cask, a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons finished in Cognac, Port, and Rum casks, aged 16 & 8 years, and its First West Rye whiskey, a blend of straight rye whiskeys from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee aged 6, 7, and 8 years. Missouri-based Smart Distributors, a family-owned business, will help to place 15 STARS throughout the state.

“It’s rare to find this kind of aged Kentucky whiskey in today’s market,” said David Drovetti, president of Smart Distributors. “We’re excited to share the brand, which has proven itself time and time again in competitions, with whiskey enthusiasts across Missouri.”

An offering for every palate, 15 STARS Triple Cask (MSRP $179) has notes of baked blackberry, brown sugar and nutmeg thanks to its specialty cask finishes. The 7&15 YO Private Stock (MSRP $139) exhibits caramel and seasoned oak flavors, while 15 STARS First West Rye whiskey (MSRP $89) has dry fruit and spice notes. The releases will be available at select on-premise and off-premise locations and online at 15STARS.com.

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